English today since a long time, so please pardon me any mistakes in the language! We’re going to find out who of the many billions of people on our amazing blue planet want world domination by one government. That is the Plan, isn’t it? The World Economic Forum isn’t the only one saying it. So do national governments and the EU says it. We will make you all suffer a bit, but after that you won’t own anything and you’ll be just fine and even happy. Paradise in a world that won’t be ours. I won’t give away anything yet, but I already know if there is anyone who really wants this. Let’s go folks!

You know the Plan of our world leaders is to create a world with one government. A world that is electronically led and where people’s brains are connected to machines and vice versa. Machines and robots will be human, humans will be machines and robots. You will rent a house, work for a boss instead of running your own business, you will lease a car, a TV, a computer, clothes and everything. Nothing will be yours and you will be under surveillance 24/7 just like it is already the case in a handful of cities in China. If you try to revolt against the system, you will be immediately seen, heard and caught by supersonic robots and if you don’t take your vaccine, your Green Pass will be red and you won’t have the right to buy food or to work. Same if you use too much energy and “work against the climate”. We always think the ruling elites of our great planet want the world to become like I just described, but shall we take a look to see if that’s really true?


Necessary evil

Incapable political leaders always come with the excuse that problems are so-called too big to solve and so they make them worse. Yet we have all seen the United States just a year and a half ago when Donald Trump was the President. All went well in his time! Everyone could have a job, most jobs were reasonably paid, the country was mostly self-sufficient in industry and energy and everyone was happy. Except the forever lamenting BLM dudes who were paid by George Soros to whine and except the top of the Democrats who were angry they couldn’t achieve what Donald Trump could. But all the rest of the Americans were okay and so was the rest of the world, because a thing President Trump didn’t do, was starting war somewhere in the world. He actually ended the ongoing war in Syria and started making peace in the Middle East. So is it possible to solve political problems and have a happy world? Well, so it seems!

Thing is that the Democrats were really furious out of jealousy and they committed the fraud of the century in order to govern the country themselves again. Now they’d show they could do the same terrific job as Trump did, but then in a slightly other way. By directly sending back all the American industries to China, so that Americans were jobless, by cutting the Kingston XL Pipeline and destroying even more jobs and making their country dependent from foreign energy. By starting mask and vaccine mandates for Covid-19, that not only didn’t work but that made many people handicapped and cost many deaths. By withdrawing troops from Afghanistan while the Taliban took over and Biden lost half of his military equipment. By causing food shortages banning food truck drivers to supply the super markets and by pushing war on the other half of the world, all the way in Ukraine. It’s all a necessary evil … They don’t want to continue Trump’s work, but they want to install a completely new world without even having the slightest idea of what that would implicate.


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Great, great reset

At the moment we are facing the worldwide threat of the Great Reset or Agenda 2030 as it’s called in Europe. The World Economic Forum has been promoting for some time the coming of an entirely new world order – their words – for which it will be necessary to first destroy all that exists. So many governments are busy destroying their economies on purpose, cutting their relations with Russia which leaves them without food, medicine and energy. They don’t maintain dams, bridges, dykes and more constructions that keep people safe from natural disasters and just let the disasters happen. Remember the many floods last summer? Many such disasters happen nowadays on a small scale and everywhere in the world. The governments say they happen because we don’t protect the climate and therefore it’s changing, but the truth is that they just don’t maintain our protective constructions. This is a little observation about The Great Reset by a smart Australian young lady who knows a lot about money:



What will the near future bring?

Now the globalists – US government, EU and WEF – are threatening the world with gigantic food crises for which Russia would be to blame, because of the war in Ukraine. But who is the one chasing away farmers from their lands in many countries of the EU and also in the US? Yes, the globalists! If the national governments would just do the right thing and let the farmers do their job, there wouldn’t be any crisis to come this summer. Not in food, not in energy, not in much too prices for living and not in “saving the climate”, a non-existing problem. Yes we have to take good care of the planet, but we don’t need to spend all tax money on senseless projects like wind and sun energy, boycotting Russia and electric cars that are just not (yet) ready for use on a large scale.

So does this clan of globalists really want war, suffering and chaos? Well, they tell you they think it’s necessary in order to start their new world – a world nobody wants, because it resembles George Orwell’s 1984 and it resembles China as it is now. Complete surveillance of civilians at each step they make, total domination of the government and no possibility to ever overthrow this regime. You are seen and caught if you try, aren’t you? By the regime’s robots, not even by humans. Nothing is anymore controlled by humans, so if injustice takes place, no-one can correct it. Your life is completely dependent on digital documents and files and on cameras also controlled by robots.

I have talked about it with a handful of world leaders and they all said: “We don’t want it. It’s what the world is heading to and we can’t stop it”. Yes it’s true that the World Economic Forum has brought together all the minds from all countries to make plans about the future. Many of those minds aren’t so pure and friendly. They have interests like earning as much as possible money or acquiring as much as possible power. Or they are bad leaders who don’t know how to guide their country or their business in the right direction, so the future will become a better place instead of worse than hell. But they all said the US already has world power and they only want to keep things as they are.

Of course I didn’t believe the last thing. I mean … what is the Great Reset for if these globalists are already content with the situation? Even smarthead Nancy Pelosi didn’t have an answer to that question. These people don’t use their brains to think about the future. They just copy what the corporate CEO’s say, because leftist people don’t believe in regulating big businesses so that they aren’t going to dominate the government. Whenever you see Mark Zuckerberg or other CEO’s of social media in the Senate in the US, it’s always the Republicans who ask them tough questions. The Democrats just let them be and so I asked Lady Pelosi if she really, really wants to be the Queen of the World, bathing in wealth and richesses, while she walks on the street and only sees sick and dying people there, because she and her clan own everything and the rest of the world suffers from poverty and misery.


 Nancy Pelosi didn’t know an answer, but next day she came to talk again and said: “We don’t want it anymore. It needs to stop”.


She didn’t know an answer, but next day she came to talk again and said: “We don’t want it anymore. It needs to stop”. I talked about it with Klaus Schwab as well, with Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton and they all said that what the Great Reset dictates, is not what they aim at. In fact they just want to govern the world by themselves and to make it a better place, only that they don’t know how to do it. Because they are no thinkers who have an overview of the situation and know how to solve problems by just looking at them and then visualising their solution like we do. We = normal people.



Every essay has a conclusion, doesn’t it? My conclusion in this essay or article – or would you preferably call it a column? – is that since no-one in the whole world wants the Great Reset or a One Country World, let’s stop heading that way. Let’s just turn around the wheel and go for a nicer direction. What would you think about a world that consists of a nice and diverse collection of countries that all have their own culture, language and customs? Their own local products, governance and small communities in which each person has their place, their pride and their family? If the world lives that way, there will be no reason to wage war or to argue. People will just travel to see each other’s place, to eat each other’s food and they’ll trade for having the products they lack. In Hungary where they have a premier who stands for his country, 82% backs him and the same in Brazil and even Poland. Why wouldn’t we all organise our country that way since everyone wants that in their heart?














By Anastasía Vassiliou, MA

Anastasía (Natassa) Vassiliou, born in Athens, obtained a Master's degree in Greek & French Literature and studied music in Thessaloniki, Greece. She speaks 7+ languages. Natassa ran a successful business in in-company trainings when she suddenly got paralysed. Out of love for her children she found out how to cure all diseases and healed many patients including herself. Nowadays she runs news website Untold Times, where she shares world news and gives fantastic analyses about hot topics.

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