Who will be the President of the United States of America?

Last Tuesday, the 3rd of November 2020, it was Election day in the US. The whole country could choose who would be their new president: Mr. Donald Trump or Mr. Joe Biden. The atmosphere in which the elections took place was icy. The Democrats have all media and social media in their pocket and they are blocking all tweets and other important messages from Mr. Trump and from anyone who is on his side. If they mention him, it’s in the negative way. The whole fraud story about Mr. Biden is hardly mentioned in the media and if it is, wrongly so. Personally I don’t grasp why any country would want to depict one candidate for presidency as evil while he has done so much good for everyone, while depicting the other as fantastic, even if in almost 50 years in politics he hasn’t done one thing right and many blunders. For instance he is guilty of prisons full of African Americans who have committed minor crimes, but have to sit for many years.

Under any normal circumstances each person in a country would want a capable leader, who gives chances to everyone to succeed in life, to have decent healthcare and other chances like education etcetera. Did you know many universities in America aren’t regularly subsidied? I’ve always wondered why Americans all want to go to Yale or Harvard and now I know: these universities are well funded, while many others aren’t. How can a school provide good education if it isn’t funded by the government? This is one example of many many wrongs in the US that definitely need fixing. And do you know another thing? President Trump is busy taking care of at least universities that once were black, so that they get proper funding forever. He is the first president ever to take on education funding! His government also created many jobs for black people and Hispanics, in which he again is the first to do so.

Can you imagine a country where there is no proper healthcare for everyone? Well, America is such a country. People just aren’t insured! Can you imagine falling off the stairs and not being able to get medical care, because you can’t pay the bills? Well, welcome to America. President Trump is busy arranging a real good affordable healthcare system for everyone in the country and guess who is blocking the way all the time? Yes, that’ll be the Democrat party. Same Mr. Trump has stopped illegal immigration through Mexico from Central and South America, because the US can’t handle so many inhabitants. I have seen a map of the country with data about how many immigrants there are and where they live. The country is full of millions and millions of illegal immigrants! Democrats claim Mr. Trump ‘puts children in cages’ at the border, but the truth is that these cages were built by the Obama administration and there were adults and children in there, who were no families, but who did lie about it. So the Trump administration separated the kids in order to find out who belongs to whom, reunited most children afterwards with their parents who most of the time didn’t even live in the USA and all these people have lived in houses since years. Now that is child and human trafficking everyone should fight against! Yet the opposition continues lying about it and spreading fake news around the whole world. No, tell the truth! Be happy you’ve got a decent president! Not many countries do.

To me and to many, many others it doesn’t matter to which party a president belongs: important is that he or she takes good care of the country. I’m sure you agree with me. I am now with the Republicans because they are objective, capable and they love their country. But if the next president is a good person and a Democrat, I will love that party just as much. The thing is that the Democrat party is at this moment corrupt until its very roots and I love the way Mr. Rudy Giuliani, former New York mayor and now Mr. Trump’s solicitor, explains it. You’d have to see his videos that are extremely well explaining the situation with a lot of humour in between. Yet this wonderful man is attacked as if he was a piece of mud. It’s unbelieveable, but true. The corruption dates from the time the Clintons dived into it and it needs to be cleaned, that is clear. Here is his website.

So with what is the Democrat party infiltrated? Well, with corrupt politicians who do business with China, like Joe Biden and his family, or through all kinds of fancy foundations they have. Not just business, but corrupt business cashing enormous amounts of money for getting rid of politicians, judges, CEOs and so on. They finance events, whole corporations and governments and then those get indebted. Since they can’t repay, they have to do what the paying boss wants. The Democrat party is also stuffed with ‘Big Tech’ billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, Jack Dorsey (Twitter founder and CEO) and a lot more of such people, who want to steer the country into their direction, regardless of which party is in charge at the moment. Since they’ve got the big money, they can buy just anyone, even whole countries and continents like e.g. the European Union that is pushing right now to get Joe Biden at the presidency, even if he isn’t elected (yet). In my previous article I wrote about what he is more or less going to do if he gets elected. No good things for the country in any case! He will do what is good for himself: restore relations with China by giving up all the jobs president Trump just created. He will wage war against Russia and North Korea and cause trouble in Iran and the whole Middle East by the way. He will restore the relations with the EU, so that they can sit between the US and Russia like they did before and continue the icy atmosphere.

A wise quote says you need to look at the beginning and ending situation of a politician if you want to tell if they are corrupt or not. Was he a millionaire before he started or was he poor, but did he end up a millionaire? Joe Biden was certainly not rich when he started 47 years ago, but now he is. Donald Trump came from a rich family, made his own fortune and then became the president. He let his son run his business and he invests his salary in good projects. Does a corrupt politician do that? Well no, of couse not. Donald Trump isn’t corrupt at all and he is very honest and open. Why do so many people not see this? Because they do see it but don’t like the fact he’s not a member of their party. Many people are also paid to act as trolls on social media or to tell straight lies in the media. In the Netherlands the government played the same tricks for their non-science based Covid19 regulations. The same thing is done in the US and worse. Bigger and more powerful country, so more tricks and more money. Here, just an example out of many things that have been done by the Democrat party to influence the elections: 2.7 million people were called by a robot and told to safely stay at home on Election day instead of going out to vote.

Now if the Democrat Party wins this election, that means the entire system in the US has fallen into their hands. Until now I haven’t seen that, because there are a lot of lawsuits by the Republicans to seek justice counting only legal ballots and so on. Many of their demands have been met. I only hope Joe Biden won’t declare himself President before justice has been done. He has already tried it, but didn’t succeed. If this thoroughly corrupt man gets the presidency, you must know that will have serious consequences for us here in the Netherlands as well. If there is one country in the world that is totally filthy with these billionaires it’s the Netherlands as you know. Behind the rich men there is the Kabbalah club with their weird sect belief as I said many times and the base of all this is in Amsterdam. So if Mr. Biden becomes the president of the United States of America, the Netherlands can’t be saved anymore. The whole world will be at war and chaos, because that’s what these people want: divide and conquer; bread and games. Civilians are just plebs who have to pay and shut up. The billionaires and their friends are the leaders and they live a jetset life.

I think we should all be united against such a disaster. If you are left or right-wing, if you are white or coloured, man or woman, straight or gay, for or against the coronavirus: we should all stand up for our right to free speech, democracy, good health care, good education, enough jobs and facilities like transport and everything. If we lose this battle to this evil group of rich lunatics, no-one will be spared. Don’t think you will be spared because you have voted for them or were on their side. No, you are plebs just like me and everyone. In a communist system everyone is the same and the leaders are a bit more the same, so they get all the privileges and all the money. We will be vaccined and vaccins are an unnatural way of protecting you against diseases. They undermine your immune system instead of boosting it, but we will be vaccined all the time. I am not against vaccines for children’s diseases, but it shouldn’t become a way of life. Our nature will be destroyed, because the elite doesn’t like nature and we will be followed 24/7 just like in any dictatorship, only with a lot more tech and I just explained you how and why, didn’t I?














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Natassa Vassiliou, MA

Anastasía (Natassa) Vassiliou is the inventor of how to heal all diseases. To thank her, the Dutch government destroyed her life, her three businesses and stole her two beloved sons away. This after kidnapping her as a child from her family in Greece. Education: Greek & French Literature. Career: 4 years music, 25 years education, 13 years traditional medicine, 3 years journalism. Loves: kids, μπουγάτσα, coffee, boeren & experts. No to: Jeugdzorg, egoists, bonkers, dipshits & digital ID's. Orthodox Christian.

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