Beautiful colours from India!

Will India be the newest NATO member? – Explosion in Turkey

Just when India was asked to support the island states in Oceania and it is busy making peace with China, it is asked to be a NATO member. What do you think it will do? And in Turkey there was a terrible explosion in a rocket plant, the moment that their new government was formed. Is it a coincidence?

Only 5 visitors today! Not even in your dreams.

Since it didn’t work to show you the statistics of my website, I will show you the pictures of it. So on one hand it says “5 pages visited by 2 visitors today” and on the other hand it shows that somewhere today there have been 54 visitis in one hour time. Yesterday there were so-called 18 visits.

That is just impossible. Only my family and their friends are 50 people who visit my website and YouTube every day and then here are politicians who follow me, all together at least 150 people. Except my subscribers and followers on social media.

54 visitors in one hour but only 5 the whole day??

The statistics have clearly been tempered with!


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