Women and child trafficking in Ukraine: some facts!

Between the loads of tweets, articles and videos about the ongoing war in Ukraine there are also reports of children being kidnapped and women with their children being forced into prostitution and slavery. Some even speak about organ harvesting, which I didn’t believe until I saw the European Parliament has held a meeting about it and confirms it. After halfway March no-one has written or spoken about the horror fleeing Ukrainian mothers and kids experience, so I thought it good to bring it back into memory today.


So … child trafficking really exists?

I knew Ukraine was a beautiful fairy-tale-like, but very poor and corrupt country, but not that so many women and even children are kidnapped there and forced into slavery and prostitution. As you probably know by now, I was kidnapped too. One of the four times that they stole me, I was put in a satanic orphanage, where children grew up to be sold into the criminal mob and prostitution in Utrecht, Netherlands. I was lucky with my very smart and high-placed parents, because they found me and the orphanage was shut down. I wouldn’t have survived that place for a week longer. They starved me and didn’t clean me more often than once per three days and I was deadly ill. Not that it mattered, because the ISS – International Social Service, the biggest child trafficking mob in the world – just kidnapped me again and again. It went on until my parents stood powerless with the whole world by their side, because satanism – child trafficking is of course satanism, what else can it be? It’s their source of income – is stronger and all the globalists are satanists. And I got devoured by the Dutch state. Until now they block me from having contact with my real parents and my kids aren’t allowed to have a decent pair of grandparents. They are also the ones who poisoned me with graphene oxide and who ruined my three businesses so that i now don’t have a cent income while nobody in the world cares.

So … I know child trafficking is real, I know what it is and I survived it. I say this because there are enough dumb people, who have a great life with everything they could ever wish for and who don’t understand that not everybody has the freedom and the right to live such a life. That it isn’t always their own fault if people have a difficult life, because that happens when you are abused as a child. I have pointed this out many times and don’t want to hear offenses about this anymore. It is extremely painful when people not only refuse to believe someone else’s painful story but also bully and smear them as if they are the liars. Child trafficking exists, it’s huge in Ukraine and that is what we will talk about today. For a change and for a good overlook, I won’t put the links to sources of information in the text, but underneath this article.


Conference in UN Security Council yesterday: not in the news!

This video lasts more than two hours, but that isn’t too much asked for such a horrifying problem that keeps on existing and is stubbornly denied by most media and by the Dutch government in particular. You see images of a long talk about child trafficking by the UN Security Council YESTERDAY, May 12 2022. It has hardly been in the news. The world tries to blame Russia for the kidnappings of children and mothers, but the Russian Ambassador in Ukraine said they are working to place over 190,000 (!) unaccompanied children that fled into Russia, in families and if needed even to have them adopted. The Russians are also the only ones who know the numbers. The western countries don’t even care.



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How much is a child worth?

Yes the situation is so bad that even the prices for a child destined for sex exploitation or dead for organ harvesting are known: $150,000 is what the mob pays for a child. And here underneath is a video from Albania in 2007, where the same horror was going on. If it can stop in Albania, why not in Ukraine?



Confusion about numbers

The article from CBSNews citing UNICEF first says 1.5 million children have fled Ukraine since February 24 this year. Then they say about 500 unaccompanied children were registered traversing the border to Romania and a bit later they say a bit over 3 million people fled in total. That doesn’t add up, I think. Men between 18 and 60 years old aren’t allowed to leave the country, so it’s merely mothers with kids and older people fleeing. So the children should make out much less than half of the refugees. Somewhere else a few days ago I read until now over 5 million people have fled Ukraine. I think it is already such a tragedy that this war is going on in the first place. The problem in Donbass could easily have been solved the diplomatic way if the Ukrainian government hadn’t listened to the US and had stopped their army from murdering their own population in the east of the country. It is absolutely not true that Russia commits human crimes. They actually proceed so slowly, because they try at all cost to prevent human victims and it’s always the Ukrainian army that shoots at their own population. Thousands of videos tell the sad stories of the people in this traumatised country.

But you see with your own eyes that the western authorities and even the UN don’t have a clue about how many people have actually fled Ukraine. Just like they don’t have the faintest idea of what happens to the millions and even billions of dollars and euros of weaponry they send to Ukraine or to their own volunteer warriors that dare to go to war in that chaos. I find that a crying shame and the same about the ban by the Ukrainian government for soldiers to surrender to the Russians. They must and shall fight to their death! In whose interest is that? There is an easy solution to the problem, so solve it!




Do you know what is happening now in Ukraine? It is said that Russia is taking about one third of the country, from Kharkiv through the Donbass and then the whole southern Black Sea coast until Odessa. That would roughly be the green and yellow parts on the map to your right. It that is true, that means Ukraine won’t have access to the sea anymore.

Another thing that is heard, is that Poland wants to take the western part of Ukraine, so the city Lviv and its surroundings.That would be the case around Lviv on the map here to your right or even more than that. It used to be the Polish Galicia and they want it back, forgetting that Poland also possesses a small part of Ukraine that they should normally exchange in such a case. Another thing Poland forgets – if it is true in the first place, which no-one knows yet – is that is has treated the Ukrainians who live there (in that piece of land Poland keeps occupied) very badly with a lot of discrimination and violence. If you’d like to know more about this, you can read that here.

With all these allegations going on and tons of propaganda by the US and the EU countries, while Ukraine itself has totally lost control of its country, children and women are easy targets to steal and to exploit for prostitution, slavery, criminality or even organ harvesting. I know that people who believe the propaganda in the western media about that Russia would so-called murder thousands of people in Ukraine and more such, will find it difficult to believe that I look further and see what is really going on. And even more difficult to understand that I am even so much concerned about the people in Ukraine and the horrors they are going through. Don’t forget the crimes with children that haven’t started at all during this war, but from the moment Ukraine became an independent state in 1991, but that has enormously worsened during the last three months. Let’s care about children from now on and let’s stop ignoring like dumb people (if you do!) that bad things happen in the world. I myself am a victim, so heck yes it’s real!


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