Worldwide corruption in examples

This is not a book about corruption, but just an article in which I will give a few examples from different countries and situations where corruption is involved. So you can see how it works, how it feels and how to recognise it. I am going to start with the G20, which decided over our heads today that vaccine passports should be used worldwide to “facilitate” travelling. From Brazil I have footage where you can see that ballots were sold in the middle of the street and a lot more!


The G20 and digital Covid vaccine documents

Here is the tweet from the G20 and here you can read the full G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration. The mention about vaccination requirements is to be found in §23, as you see in that tweet. It doesn’t say however the international leaders have agreed that these passports must come, but that they find it important. “We acknowledge the importance …”. Yet this is as corrupt as the day is long, because this declaration may not be binding, but it is certainly forced on the leaders of the world. Most parliaments – and that is in a lot of countries – have voted against these digital vaccination passports or how else they are called to fool people into voting for them. Don’t forget that normal flu vaccinations are often also mRNA vaccines since this year and many people don’t know or understand that.


CBDC’s are digital money, something the people in the world do NOT want, but the WEF, UN, G20 and so on DO want.

If you read a bit further in the loooong and full of abbrevations document, you see this piece about CBDC or digital money in §27. Queen Máxima, not invited to the G20 summit, urged this to be discussed and probably because it’s Sinterklaas time here in the country, they not only granted her wish, but did a statement as well. They pretty much state that they are happy with options for access to these digital currencies. You already know that governments want digital money, so that they can control each cent we earn and we can’t work a little black anymore. So if you help the neighbours with their garden or their tax documents and they want to give you a few bucks or euries for it, it will have to be on your official bank account and then you must declare it as “income” and pay taxes from it. Of course you have to pay taxes, but the prices for a living have mounted so much that many people can’t survive anymore. A small amount of cash money can save such people. This is just something nobody in his right mind wants! And yes, this is also a corrupt decision, since it is taken behind our backs and without our consent.


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Brazil: a corrupt country, rotten to the core

Imagine that in your country there are elections coming up and an old politician, who is a convicted criminal, is suddenly freed from prison in order to join the elections to become the President! Exactly this happened in Brazil a few months ago and not only that: Luis Lula da Silva did his trick again to win the elections. Because he is an extreme leftist, he has the support of the great powerhouses in the world – US government, World Economic Forum, UN, G20 and so on – and the large media channels. Whatever he does wrong and illegal, is covered up in the media or turned around in some lie. The man was really not in jail without a reason! He sells himself internationally by promising he’ll stop the cutting of trees in the Amazon, but insiders know what this means: the trees will be cut one way or another. If the Brazilian government doesn’t do it, foreign companies that only care about the money will do it and they will devastate the Amazon, while the Brazilian government would also protect the forests. That is the reason why Bolsonaro had the trees cut by Brazilian companies, see?

Here I have a few short videos that people on Twitter sent me from things that happened in Brazil during the elections. Decide yourself what you think about them! I am not a bossy person and am not paid to steer your thinking processes. Here a woman tells she sold her ballot for money, for Lula. You can see from the poverty she lives in with her family that she didn’t sell it because she likes Lula, but because she needs to survive.



This is a quadruple tweet. In the first video you see people demonstrate and this was yesterday. The media reported 3 million people in different cities of Brazil! This is really not a dumb protest of a few conspiracy thinkers, but crowds like this have been on the streets for more than 2 weeks now, since the run off election (second round) on the 31th of October. Underneath you see fake ballots. And imagine that in Brazil you vote on paper and in a voting machine. Both have to be the same according to the law, but no-one controls. That is the problem.


Here are a couple of street kamikazis, who sell ballots with signature and everything on them.


Poland, Germany and the Netherlands to seize Russian assets in order to have unsanctioned Russian oil

One of the sanctions against Russia is that Russian money on European bank accounts has been frozen since the spring of this year. We are talking about many billions of euros, possibly even trillions, that belong in most cases to the Russian government and that come from gas sales to European countries. So you have the Russian Gazprom and then a subsidiary of this company, EuroPolGaz, which is the owner of part of the Yamal gas pipeline that used to bring natural gas from Russia to Germany. They just want to confiscate EuroPolGaz and all its money or “assets” if you like. That is not only theft, but it’s the destruction of a whole nation.

The Germans are doing exactly the same with SEFE, another Gazprom subsidiary. First it was called Gazprom Germania, until it was confisquated by the German government after the sanctions against Russia last spring. BusinessAm Belgium writes about it as if it’s a nice and fair idea and as if Germany actually “saves” the company from going bankrupt. In the Netherlands many municipalities are very happy with the takeover, because they have extremely high-priced gas contracts now. Now SEFE is not a Russian company anymore, so the municipalities don’t need to break their contracts with them. They will still have Russian gas, because that is what the deal is, but without going against the sanctions by the European Union. In the Netherlands there is also a subsidiary of Gazprom, that will be nationalised right now: Gazprom Energy. What do you think about this? Is this corruption and theft or not? And where are the ethics?

Here underneath you can read how the Russians see it. Slightly different … I cite from Russia Today:


 In late August, Die Welt reported that the German authorities secretly created a holding to nationalize Gazprom’s Berlin-based unit.

Negotiations between the German authorities, the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, the municipalities in Saxony, and the companies are in full-swing, according to the newspaper. The takeover, which is deemed by Berlin as a means to secure national gas supplies, does not imply “any compensation payments from the federal government for the Russian owners.


There is more! India is going to sue Germany over this whole happening, because Gazprom Germania or nowadays SEFE stopped providing the country with Russian gas. So … to make things complicated but clear, Gazprom Germania had a subsidiary in Singapore that has gas contracts with India. In May, when Gazprom Germania became SEFE, they already stopped the deliveries. But according to the Indian government the contract is for 20 years and still valid. Therefore the Germans must still supply all the gas for eight months to India and this is what RT told us five days ago. In case you don’t remember what LNG was: that is natural gas in barrels that is shipped instead of transported through pipelines. We can say there is a real gas war imminent and countries are fighting each other instead of nicely working together in at least an effort to solve the enormous problems created by the World Economic Forum, the American government and Brussels in almost the whole world.


Oops, Ukrainian missile in Poland and where did the European weapons go?

A few days ago the Russian army fired a missile at Kiev and the Ukrainian army tried to stop it, sending a second missile upon it. Would for sure have been a “nice” firework in the sky, but alas: that second missile didn’t hit the first one from Russia. It went straight into Poland where it killed two people. Kiev remained silent for two days, so that the world could blame Russia for the human disaster. Unfortunately for them the truth still came out and Ukrainian President Zelenski tries all his tricks to duck for the international anger. Because Russia is involved, the media don’t write angry pieces about the Ukrainians, who had the guts to shoot a missile with another missile in the first place and then also mismanaged it. No no, they write that the poor Ukraine isn’t responsible for the deaths of the two Poles. It was defending its territory from the Evil Russians and so they were entitled to do whatever it took. Russia shouldn’t have attacked them, so the NATO stated by mouth of its chair Jens Stoltenberg. It’s war and things can go wrong … Corruption or not?

And then another one, where I can already predict you will find that corruption. But I let you decide for yourself! Here I have a long article for you by Grayzone about how Kiev steals the weapons given to Ukraine by different European countries and the US and how their soldiers have nothing to fight with or to defend themselves against the counterattacks by the Russian army. Let’s not forget how this war began: the Ukrainian army had been bombing and shelling the two eastern republics Donetsk and Lugansk, together the Donbass, who had more than once declared themselves independent but didn’t get recognised for 8 years, now almost 9. Their governors asked the Russian government to please intervene and stop the shelling, because by then almost 15,000 people had been killed – of whom many, many children.

Russia couldn’t come at first, because the NATO would have crushed the people of Donbass and that would be even worse than the shellings by the Ukrainian army. But in February this year the Ukrainians planned a military invasion to the Donbass region. This gave the Russians no choice but to finally intervene. And then the propaganda in the west started: the Russians are devils and they invaded Ukraine without a reason; they are butchering the Ukrainian people and destroying their houses and buildings, they are torturing and killing Ukrainian soldiers and so on and so on. Nothing of all that turned out to be true, but the propaganda never stops. Russia is the enemy whatever it does and whatever happens in the world. It has been like that since the end of World War II and even if there is no reason at all to make Russia the enemy instead of a friendly neighbour in Europe, the narrative becomes harder and harder.

The clearest sign that the Europeans and Americans withhold the truth is the fact that they refuse talks with the Russian government. The Ukrainians themselves also refuse to talk and won’t stop killing their own people. The shelling of houses and shops is done by their army and as if that isn’t yet enough their army hides itself within populated neighbourhoods. They send the owners of the houses on the street, take in their residence and start sending missiles to the Russian army. The Russians never shell any buildings that are inhabited by civilians and we have already seen that in Syria a couple of years ago. The majority of the Europeans however refuses to understand that the truth is different from what the media tell them and in this way there is not enough urge for Ukraine to stop the war. Don’t forget the billions of euros that go into their direction and that nobody ever controls. In the article I linked to here above you can read that not a cent of all this money ever reaches their army. The weapons that arrive from other countries and other army materials are bluntly sold on the internet by all kinds of thugs and every day dozens of people die, many of whom civilians.



This was my short – yes – analysis of corruption. How it works, where and how you can recognise it and how it feels to live in a corrupt country. How helpless it makes you and how it reduces you to only surviving no matter what. We really don’t want that for the countries where there is still a little remainder of democracy and freedom! So we have to keep explaining to our neighbours, colleagues, family and the people on social media what corruption is and how we are on the brim of being thrown right into it by our very own governments in the western countries.


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