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With my international and US news I don’t only provide news – which you can obtain anywhere, can’t you? – but I use it to show the underneath worldwide changes. I show the fight against corruption, against the loss of democracy and free speech. I show courageous people who stand up for the right to be free and to live in an honest, well-led world where everyone can thrive, not only a small elite. I run you through happenings everywhere to give you hope on one side and motivation to fight along on the other side. Today about the Covid-19 virus that has been terrorising the whole world since one and a half year and doesn’t even know it.

First I want to say I am very sad about anyone who has suffered, still suffers, has died or lost someone from anything that has to do with the Covid virus. If it is the disease, if it is out of depression or from the vaccine: it is sad, sad, sad.


Hesitating politicians and wide-spread fear

First news website I open, is The Epoch Times. It tells us Boris Johnson, the UK’s PM, is afraid of new Covid-19 variants, like one from India at the moment. Also the Pakistani government has its fears of it. My opinion to such fears for new virus variants is that that’s what a virus is: a very tiny thing that mutates all the time and that doesn’t let you catch it and eliminate it once and for all. There have been variants from the UK itself, from South Africa, Brazil, now India and for sure I have forgotten some, but none of those mutations have created new epidemics and certainly no pandemics. So why would we be afraid of them? You look under the bed to find a monster and instead you find an old apple that is a bit rotten. You take it away, clean the spot and that’s it. Same with the Covid virus. It’s a kind of flu virus that isn’t really nice if it catches you – I had it last year – but almost everyone recovers from it and in the meantime all statistics say there is more than enough herd immunity, so we can open up society and start living again. Not to forget there are both natural and chemical treatments for it that are much more effective than the vaccines our governments insist we should take.

Yet I remember Boris Johnson also having taken much wiser decisions. And like it or not: he did lead the UK out of the EU membership, which was an incredibly difficult task. He is known to be somewhat fickle and you can read more about that here. I think that is because he knows what is the right thing to do in many situations, but he is inhibited by the powerful institutions of the world. I see the same in France’s President Emmanuel Macron. When my country Greece was in trouble because of Turkey’s invasion in our sea, they stood right for us and came to help. When muslims in France began beheading people, he immediately decided to search for and expel this kind of terrorists. It is a difficult job, but he fights for it. His party even stopped a hijab wearing candidate from running in a local election, which is a very brave action. But when you see how he does in Covid matters, it’s tear jerking. We all know in the meantime that our politics are being led by huge and immensely powerful institutions like the EU – of which we used to think France ruled it: well nope – the WHO, the WEF and more such pushing and intimidating, mob-like, extremely corrupt and undemocratical organisations.


Ursula von der Leyen and the new EU

The moment this Ursula von der Leyen appeared out of seemingly nowhere and suddenly became the President of the European Commission in December 2019, democracy was over. X for a very long time. It was exactly in that period that the Covid virus came up and put the world in terror, panic and fear. A coincidence? I don’t know. Now I personally am not afraid of the devil after having beaten 13 known as deadly diseases and survived 300 tias and 8 heart attacks without any medical help. I know however most people are already afraid of a simple flu, because they totally live the narrative that we dumb people can’t heal ourselves and do need a medical doctor for anything. You tell them a deadly virus is going around and may catch them and they are forever in panic. That is exactly what happened in the Autumn of 2019, since the CCP virus as Donald Trump lovingly calls it, did its uncharming appearance.

In the United States there is a large quantity of courageous politicians in the Republican party. They talk about facts and common sense and they have found heaps of evidence that this Covid virus has been fabricated in that notorious and full of the most modern tech Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, which is by the way called Wuhan Institute of Virology. Many leftist politicians and virologists from different countries who keep their countries in fear turn out to have interests or even shares in this lab. Even the American government has invested $3.7M in it, according to Business Today in April 2020. Just a short interruption: the Republican party has ousted Wyoming House representative Liz Cheney, who had a very negative and dividing effect on the party. She has been replaced by Elise Stephanick. Just to show how hard the fight goes and how not only leftists are winning. Here is the unparalleled Dinesh D’Souza about the origin of the virus today.



Two sides of Germany

In Germany Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel, who really is sometimes a hero in other matters, has put an end to democracy and free speech in the whole country. The Bundesländer or states have nothing to say anymore, especially about the Covid virus and people who have had a positive PCR test – ill or not – have to go into obligatory quarantine. No-one is allowed to say or write a word about the subject that differs from her view, that isn’t supported by any science or even logics. Merkel’s view is that the virus is deadly dangerous, that everybody must be vaccinated, nobody may be treated with normal medicine like Ivermectine or HCQ. Four days ago lockdown restrictions in Berlin were partially lifted, but only for double vaccinated people and others who have recovered from the illness. Discrimination? Me thinks …

Let me not forget the incredibly hard efforts made by the also German, but living in the US, attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmilch for a free world. You can follow livestreams of his sessions at the American court on this website. It’s almost impossible to follow his news, because it is eliminated from any channel, even Bitchute and Rumble as you can see. Here is an undated article about his case, which isn’t only against the PCR test, but in general against the manufacturing of this whole fake pandemic, for which he has lots of evidence. Here is another article about his work dated on 2nd of April 2021. Fuellmilch is suing the WHO that has been inspired by the Davos Forum. He has already won enormous lawsuits against Deutsche Bank and Volkswagen and even though the whole world seems to turn against him, he doesn’t give up holding a great series of lawsuits about the Covid-19 scandal.


War against wrong government misinformation

Due to enormous pressure from Germany there is going to be a European-wide Impfpass or Covid passport, which will already be ready on the 1st of June. Without that green pass you can’t go anywhere or do anything: the end of democracy whatsoever. As you know the passport has been already tested in Israel and of course it has been found effective. The WEF and WHO want it, don’t they? So everything has to go their way. Let’s not forget the fight about the different vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Sputnik V and more. Some have caused deaths, heart attacks due to blood clotting and problems in the nervous system. The CDC reports that out of 259M vaccine doses administered 4,434 deaths were reported.

In the Netherlands Lareb, institute for vaccine side effects, reports 230 deaths out of 6.4M doses administered. They act as if that is nothing compared to the Covid deaths, but such amounts of deaths normally only occur during a war! Never forget that many so-called Covid deaths were with Covid and not due to it. Hardly more people than normally have died in 2020. The most horrible thing is probably that many governments insist on having young children, who aren’t a risk group at all for the virus, jabbed with this vaccine that is not less dangerous to them than to anyone else. Yes children have also died from it. Don’t blindly believe the fact-checkers that deny it. They themselves said a few days ago they’re not to be trusted. I can’t find it anymore, but this is an article from 2013 about the anti Republican bias of fact-checkers.


The African approach

I read an interesting article in South Africa Today about how Africa had a continent-wide and strong response to the Covid-19 virus. There is a scientific report called Epidemics That Didn’t Happen, which warns that we can do better. That this whole epidemic could have been prevented with a better approach to it. The whole website I linked to, is consecrated to it and gives information about lots of countries we almost never hear of and their Covid-19 approach. I will just mention one example: Mongolia with only 193 deaths. Senegal had 1.1K deaths, Vietnam 35 and the whole African continent 125.3K out of 4.7M cases. The rest you can read for yourself on the website of Prevent Epidemics.

Now why don’t we hear about this in the Netherlands or anywhere in Europe? Isn’t it extremely important to know how other countries effectively fight a virus that we are fighting as well? Here we had 17.4K deaths out of 1.58M cases. Well, could we have learned from Epidemics That Didn’t Happen! That however wasn’t the goal of the European approach to the virus outbreak. The European Union, just like the Democratical Party in the US and the Australian government wanted and still want us to be engaged in a world-wide government. They want The Great Reset, the evil WEF plan for the whole world, to be carried out and so they just don’t inform us properly. “You will own nothing and you will be happy”: what else can that mean than that we will be totally dependent from that World Government and won’t have any freedom? Anyone who mentions scientific facts is banned from social media, laughed at by the media and made a fool of in Parliament in case they are politicians.


Fact-free and anti democratic policies, no criticism tolerated

And still half of the world population believes the Covid virus is deadly dangerous, believes there is a pandemic which has never been the case and an epidemic only until April 2020. They believe we will regain our freedom after having been vaccinated, even if they see with their own eyes this isn’t the case for anyone who has been vaccinated. They also argue it’s righteous for the vaccinated to have more rights than the not vaccinated. Here a tremendously great plea for a free society by Dutch warrior Wybren van Haga, who sadly but understandably left his party FvD today, together with two more members. You can change the subtitling to English. The video was gone, alas!




We are fully in the middle of a hot war against Covid restrictions and for democracy, human rights and the value of Truth. A couple of weeks ago I really thought we’ll never get out of this suffocating situation, of which our children, youngsters and elderly have become the worst victims. Our children who aren’t a danger for the virus except a very few cases, our youngsters who also aren’t a danger but do have to sit home instead of studying and working and have become depressed and our elderly who are in total despair. Not so much because of the virus but because they aren’t allowed to see and hug their families and because of inhuman treatment at the homes where they live. Our children also have to bear another threat to their development: inclusive education with idiot leftist propaganda they are forced to believe or else they won’t pass their exams and dangerous gender propaganda that also makes them question the fact that they are a boy or a girl. Let’s stop this nonsense and continue our fight for a free world. And let this article be an asset in this fight. Did I forget to mention the horrific fact that now even pregnant women are being vaccinated and that some have already lost their babies?

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